Integrating case studies into your marketing & sales strategy

Scrap those old sales materials, and present your prospects with a compelling case study to show your value proposition.

Integrating case studies into your marketing & sales strategy

When prospecting new clients, business development teams often provide the all too predictive sales brochure, a generic PowerPoint presentation, or a brief sales proposal. What do these materials have in common? They are generic pieces of information about your organization. Truthfully, there’s nothing exceptional about these methods, and don’t usually differentiate you from your competition.

One area where you CAN make an impact with your clients is with case studies.

A well-structured case study is essentially a story, and focuses on three key points – a problem, a solution, and results. When written effectively, it demonstrates your approach to enhancing your client’s service or product, or perhaps illustrating cost savings year after year. You should customize these documents by your client’s sector or industry, so that prospects can visualize a relationship with your organization.

Whether published on your website, within an RFP response, or a technical writing document, this marketing tool showcases factual information on your organization’s accomplishments, and what you can do for your clients.

Think of it this way – if you want to edge over your competition, consider the value case studies may bring to your sales strategy. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.