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Welcome to Prime Communications, your one stop corporate communications shop!

Helping global mobility organizations and service providers win and retain more business through strategic, compelling, and customized content.

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How can I help you?

Sales Proposals

I manage and lead the entire proposal process, from receipt to production. I also update existing responses and create new responses. View This Service

Corporate Communications

I write articles, e-mail communications, web copy, case studies, and white papers, to name a few. View This Service

Technical Documentation

I create support material including user manuals, self-help guides, and FAQs. View This Service

Ad-hoc Support

I provide support with special projects, and assistance to your teams on demand. View This Service


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Why work with me?

Your sales people are good at what they do, but not at the written word; whether that is through an RFP response, technical writing documentation, or corporate communications to engage and secure your next client. Or perhaps you already have resources in your organization that assist with this, but you need an extra hand. You’ve identified this gap, and wonder how you can get in front of more clients, more frequently, with more success.

If you need an experienced global mobility writer who can assist your sales team to secure more wins, or retain clients you currently have, look no further! I will spearhead your communications projects, ensuring they are completed on time, and on budget. Some projects take several days to complete, while others take weeks, or months.

Regardless of the time frame, every project will begin with an understanding of your objectives, a needs assessment, and goals. I will then familiarize myself with your products and/or services, do the necessary research, and leverage my writing background and expertise to complete the project.

My job does not end until you are fully satisfied with my work!

Content customized to your industry

Deadline matter what!

Adherence to client policies, and business ethics

Timely communication

Extensive experience you can rely on

Top-notch, consistent quality

Professional liability insurance

Regional coverage, and after-hours availability

What you can expect

Engaging Proposals

I will help you engage prospects and clients alike with persuasive proposal responses that best positions your organization, outshines your competition, and ultimately converts into business revenue.

Impactful Communications

I will create impactful communication materials that are thoughtful, memorable, and relatable, for pre- and post- sales cycles, or as needed, dictated by business need.

Empowering Documents

I will author technical documentation using plain language that improves, and empowers the end-user, and reduces customer contact to your support teams.

Patience, persistence, and obsessive attention to detail.Jeff Bezos

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